Besh o Drom - Gyi! (2005)

Besh o droM is an hungarian band influenced by traditional balkan rythms, rock and some electronic sonorities. They play fast and festive music and they are getting popular since balkan music compilations (Balkan Beats, Electric Gypsyland,...) use some of their tracks on their playlists. If you liked bands presented in the previous posts (shantel, fanfare ciocarlia, balkan beats, Balkan fever, Gogol Bordelo,...), then get into Besh o droM! They have great horn section, great singer and some other nice balkanics instruments.

Besh o droM - Gyi! - Tracklist:
1. Ujcsocsek (5'30")
2. Tortapapir (6'20")
3. Makedon (4'38")
4. Lei Toi (3'57")
5. Fidoe (3'49")
6. Meggyujtom A Pipam (3'50")
7. Kavalos (6'08")
8. Lake Jakha (5'21")
9. Manias Depresszio (4'08")
10. Ugy Elmennek (4'26")


VA - Balkan Fever - 4 CD (2008)

Label: Wagram Records
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Genre: Gypsy, Balkan Folk, Ethnic, VA
Quality: MP3 VBR V2 kbps 44khz Stereo
Playtime: 254:02 min
Tracks: 60
Size: 355 Mb

2008 four CD set, the latest installment in the Fever collection which continues its musical journey into sounds and cultures and takes you to a Balkan music tour. Bewitched rhythms, gifted musicians and singers, mixed genres and generations are all at the rendezvous of this unique project. On Balkan Fever, traditional music and timeless Balkan tunes mix together with current sounds (Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica, Reggae, Dub, etc. ) and give birth to a booming marriage. It is the musical sensation of the moment and Balkan Fever gives a broad overview of this new trend. Pioneers of this scene (Esma Redzepova, Taraf de Haidouks, Gogol Bordello, Makala Rai Banda) meet the new generation that renews and revolutionizes the rhythms of centenarians Balkans (Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, Besh O Drom, Bucovina Club...


CD 1
01. Esma Redzepova & ensemble Theodosievsky - Szelem Szelem
02. Shantel - Ya Rayah
03. Balkan beat box - Hermetico
04. Senor Coconut vs Kocani Orkestrar - Usti, Usti Baba
05. (Dunkelbunt) feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band - La revedere
06. Fanfare Ciocarlia - Que Dolor
07. Stefano Miele feat. Ghetonia - To proto
08. Besh o Drom - Cigansko Oro
09. Pad Brapad - Ben Hora
10. Binder and Krieglstein - Wir wissen nicht
11. Boom Pam - Gross
12. Max Pashm - Manea-k
13. The Rootsman - Ta Travudia
14. Slavic soul Party - Teknochek collision
15. Taraf de Haпdouks - Absinth I drink you

CD 2
01. Gogol Bordelo - Wonderlust King
02. Russkaja - Dobrij Abend
03. N.O.H.A. - Balkan Hot-Step
04. KAL Feat. Rambo Amadeus - Komedija
05. Omfo - Magic Mamaglia
06. Magnifico - Ubicu Te
07. Laxula - Soberbia
08. Kalman Balogh - Saxy Hora And Sirba
09. Opa Cupa - Karavia
10. Fanfara Tirana Feat. Nevenko Bucan - Cokollata Remix
11. Figli Di Madre Ignota - Fanfara Mocvara
12. Taraf Borzo - Gypsy Heart
13. Watcha Clan - Marashtein
14. Leontina Vaduva & DJ Click - Pana Cand Nu Te Lubeam
15. Bumcello vs Taraf De Haidouks - Cuculetsu

CD 3
01. Fanfare Ciocarlia and Mitsou - Pana Cand Nu Te lubeam
02. Ziveli Orkestrar - Da Zna Zora (Dj Tagada Remix)
03. Bucovina club Vs Taraf de Haпdouks - Carolina
04. Boban Markovic Orkestrar feat. Marko Markovic - Beli Dvor
05. Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Immigrant song
06. Rambo Amadeus - Rasta Mana Kafu Przi
07. Gaetano Fabri vs Kocain Orkestrar - Siki, Siki Baba
08. Olaf Hund vs Taraf de Haпdouks and Kocani Orkestrar - Are you gyspified?
09. Toma Fetermix - Stani Stani, Vodka
10. Rona Hartner - Frida y Diego
11. Nomad Soundsystem feat. MC Shufferah - Atarashi
12. La caravane passe - Balkanski bal
13. Schyzodrome - Tzifest
14. DJ Click - Statii Metrou
15. Bill Averbach & Suzi Stern - Oyfn Pripetchok

CD 4
01. The Austin Klezmorim - Birobidjan
02. Mahala Rai Banda - Mahalageasca
03. Fulgerica & The Mahala Gypsies - Bate Vintul Frunzele
04. The Raspoutine Smoked Band - Cymbalum Fever
05. Kocani Orkestar - Mi Bori Sar Korani
06. Oncle Strongle - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
07. Haidouti Orkestar - La Danse Du Serpent
08. Cimbaliband - Life Is Not
09. Fanfare Tirana - Te Lutem Mщ Pergjigj
10. Budapest Klezmer Band - Le Chajem Rebe
11. Selim Sesler - Mesk Havasi
12. Ahmet Kalo - Turski Vencek / Turkish Medley
13. Hassan Yarimdunia - Aziye
14. La Fanfare Du Belgistan - Le Kangourou Malefique
15. Ekrem & Gypsy Groovz - Cocek Srece



Fanfare Ciocărlia - Queens and kings (2007)

Romany brass orchestra Fanfare Ciocarlia presents their latest music CD album, Queens and Kings, a celebration of Gypsy culture and song that transcends national borders. Drawing upon inspiration and Romany contributors from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and France, Queens and Kings embodies the vivacious splendor of live traditional music.


1 kan marau la
2 que dolor
3 sandala
4 pana cand nu te ibueam
5 cuando tu volveras
6 duj duj
7 ibrahim
8 ma marem ma
9 mukav tu
10 nakelavishe
11 ma rov
12 mig mig
13 farewell march
14 born to be wild


Rapidshare Music Download Summary

Here's the list of all rapidshare links (carefully selected by myself :-) from the beginning. Get good music, go to concerts, buy albums and support bands. Share with friends, and enjoy!


...some seriously exotic magic was created....proving, yet again, that Firewater is one ofthe most criminally under-appreciated band in the American underground. The alt-musicveteran delivers his finest hour. This is funky, furious bouillabaisse of fuzzy Gypsy-punk guitars, tart Bollywood strings and throbbing hand-drums.
Drinking songs for the thinking man and a hell of a lot of fun with heavy subject matter.

Check out videos to get some insight about Firewater. Brilliant music!!

Firewater's official webpage HERE
Firewater's MySpace HERE

Shantel - Disko Partizani (2007)

01 - Ceremoney
02 - Disko Partizani
03 - Koupes I & II Smah Glasses
04 - Disco Boy
05 - Susuleker
06 - Figer Ki Ase Me
07 - Sota
08 - Manolis
09 - Andante Levante
10 - Immigrant Child
11 - The Veil
12 - Dubstar Bugarskji
13 - Marko I Shantel
14 - Donna Diaspora

Shantel - Bucovina Club (Rapidshare Download)


01. Intro Espinita - Banda Ionica 
02: Espinita - Banda Ionica 
03: Pelin Blau Pelin Maninc - Taraf De Haidouks 
04: Dimineata - Shantel 
05: Ta Travudia - Rootsman
06: Tu Romnie - Fanfare Ciocarlia 
07: Wedding Cocek - Goran Bregovic 
08: Baro Foro - Gogol Bordello 
09: Siki Siki Baba - Kocani Orkestar 
10: Bucovina - Shantel 
11: Carolina - Taraf De Haidouks 
12: Lag Bari - Fanfare Ciocarlia 
13: Sex - Goran Bregovic 
14: Disko - Shantel Feat Boban Markovic Orkestar
15: Omfo Dub - Shantel Bucovina


1. Intro (from "bucovina Club 2") 00:50 
2. Ya Rayah (balkan Mix) 04:05 
3. Bucovina-haaksman & Haaksman Soca Bogle Mix 04:10 
4. Da Zna Zora-shantel Mix 03:55 
5. Duj Sandale 02:49 
6. Mahalageasca (bucovina Dub) 04:18 
7. Ailili-shantel Mix 04:09 
8. Bulgarian Chicks 05:54 
9. Borino Oro 03:04 
10. Ciganka Medley 04:00 
11. Hocemo Li u Sabac? 02:42 
12. Sabacko Kolo 02:54 
13. Godzilla 04:23 
14. Dunarea 03:17 
15. Inel Inel De Aur-bucovina Mix 04:31 
16. Maki, Maki 03:33

Chiptunes, 8bits, Nintendo Music

Ceephax - Exidy Tours (2003)

01 Plusion
02 Exidy
03 Camelot Jostle
04 Rolls Royce
05 Cop '76
06 Nordic house
07 Hull Drum And Bass
08 Trolley service
09 Vladijenk
10 Northern spirit
11 Moor
12 City Collars
13 Baddow life
14 Essex remblance
15 Abbaye


Slagsmalsklubben - den svenske disco (2003)

1. Övningsköra3:21

2. Tjeckien, Slovakien Och Tillbaks Igen4:16

3. Wellington Sears3:34

4. VI Och Olle2:34

5. Kinematografen1:29

6. Svenska Tennis2:10

7. Hit Me Hard2:54

8. Rörmokarhäng3:17

9. USSR3:35

10. SMK Hittar Munspelet3:15

11. I Don't Miss You Rävbur2:36

12. Stora Farliga Rymdprojektet Går åt Pipan


Slagsmalsklubben - Boss for leader (2007)


Santa Barbara's softcore ska-punkers Mad Caddies have been rollicking as a solid seven-piece since late summer 1995, but their musical origin dates back to the mid-'80s. Chuck Robertson (vocals), Mark Iversen (bass), Boz (drums), Eduardo Hernandez (trombone), Sascha Lazor (guitar), Carter Benson (guitar), and Keith Douglas (trumpet) were named the Ivy League early on, but grew tired of the constant comparisons to fellow California rockers Operation Ivy -- plus there was another band going by the same name, so the group went for a new moniker in 1996. Mad Caddies issued Quality Soft Core on Honest Don's Records in 1997. Duck & Cover (1998) and The Holiday Has Been Cancelled (2000) were both released on Fat Wreck Chords. Rock the Plank, which featured former Lagwagon drummer Derrick Plourde behind the kit, appeared in spring 2001 before the summer brought about a few lineup changes; Brian Flenniken joined the group on drums and Benson parted ways, leaving Mad Caddies as a sextet. Just One More followed in March 2003 and their exuberant live show was captured on Live from Toronto: Songs in the Key of Eh, recorded on St. Patrick's Day 2004. As the guys continued work on their proper follow-up to Just One More, Iversen announced his departure from the band and the Mad Caddies continued on as a quintet, eventually releasing their fifth full-length, Keep It Going, in May 2007. U.S. tour dates with Pepper followed before the gang headed across the pond for European shows. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

MAD CADDIES - Quality Soft Core (1997)

MAD CADDIES - Quality Soft Core (1997)

"I'm So Alone" – 4:09
"Distress" – 3:49
"Cup O' Tea" – 1:44
"The Bell Tower" – 2:42
"No Se" – 2:41
"Crew Cut Chuck" – 1:56
"Goleta" – 1:24
"Big Brother" – 3:25
"LG's" – 3:20
"Polyester Khakis" – 2:20
"Preppie Girl" – 2:35
"Mum's The Word" – 1:38
"Sad Reggie" – 4:50


MAD CADDIES - Duck & Cover (1998)

MAD CADDIES - Duck and Cover (1998)

Duck and Cover is probably Mad Caddies' best realease. No need to be a ska fan to love this record. All the songs are great, mixing ska, punk, reggae, or even country music with the banjo style (Monkey). This fast and energic music will make move your ass to the roof. Shake it baby!

"Road Rash" – 2:01
"The Gentleman" – 2:15
"No Hope" – 1:26
"One Shot" – 4:52
"Macho Nachos" – 3:17
"Monkeys" – 2:45
"Econoline" – 2:14
"The Joust" – 3:46
"Betty" – 3:21
"aPathetic" – 2:14
"Medium Unwell" – 3:03
"Popcorn" – 3:53

Mad Caddies - Duck & Cover - Rapidshare download HERE

MAD CADDIES - The Holiday has been canceled

Mad Caddies - The Holiday Has Been Cancelled (EP)

"Falling Down" – 3:09
"Nobody Wins At The Laundromat" – 1:59
"Something's Wrong At The Playground" – 2:10
"Destro" – 2:25
"S.O.S." – 3:12

Mad Caddies - The Holidays has been canceled - Rapidshare Download HERE

MAD CADDIES - Rock the Plank (2001)

Mad Caddies - Rock the Plank (2001)

"Shaving Your Life" – 2:06
"Mary Melody" – 3:09
"B-Side" – 2:58
"Days Away" – 3:44
"Bridges" – 2:41
"We'll Start To Worry When The Cynics Start Believing" – 3:17
"Weird Beard" – 2:44
"Easy Cheese" – 2:17
"Hound Bound" – 3:38
"Depleted Salvo" – 2:59
"Chevy Novacaine" – 2:39
"Booze Cruise" – 2:25
"All American Badass" – 2:41

Mad Caddies - Rock The Plank - Rapidshare Download HERE

MAD CADDIES - Just one more (2003)

Mad Caddies - Just One More (2003)

"Drinking For 11" – 3:55
"Contraband" – 1:19
"Villains" – 2:14
"Silence" – 2:49
"Just One More" – 3:26
"Day By Day" – 2:47
"Leavin" – 2:59
"Rockupation" – 3:04
"Last Breath" – 3:21
"Spare Change?" – 3:09
"Riot" – 2:28
"10 West" – 3:05
"Good Intentions" – 3:04
"Wet Dog" – 3:09
"Game Show" – 3:19

Mad Caddies - Just One More - Rapidshare Download HERE

MAD CADDIES - Keep it Going (2007)

Mad Caddies - Keep It Going (2007)

"The Dirge"
"State Of Mind"
"Without You"
"Lay Your Head Down"
"Tired Bones"
"Don't Go"
"Pyramid Scheme"
"Souls For Sale"
"Riding For A Fall"
"Whatcha Gonna Do"
"End Dirge"


MAD CADDIES - The Songs In The Key Of Eh (Live in Toronto - 2004)

Mad Caddies - The Songs In The Key Of Eh (Live In Toronto - 2004)

01 Intro
02 Macho Nachos
03 10 West
04 Leavin
05 Weird Beard
06 No Hope
07 Contraband
08 Monkeys
09 Days Away/The Bell Tower/Popcorn/Days Away
10 The Gentlemen
11 Villains
12 Last Breath
13 Mary Melody
14 Drinking For 11
15 Preppie Girl
16 Mum's The Word
17 Road Rash
18 Silence
19 All American Badass

MAD CADDIES - The Songs In The Key Of Eh (Live In Toronto) - RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOAD

Pass: FcBaselFan

Amparanoia - La vida te da (2006) - Rapidshare Download


"All tracks were recorded with everyone playing together at the same time," announces Amparo Sanchez in the sleeve notes for the latest Amparanoia album, and that sums up her approach. Sanchez is one of the more boisterous and jovial exponents of the mestizo style that has shaken up Spanish pop, thanks partly to the influence of her friend Manu Chao. She leads a Spanish-Cuban band who set out to mix Latin styles with anything from reggae to hip-hop, and they are more interested in capturing the live energy and enthusiasm of their music than in subtle studio technique.
Their variety is impressive, with anything from boleros to a furious, brassy clash of reggae and Mexico, with lyrics in Spanish, French and English. Inevitably, it's the upbeat tracks that work better than the slinky ballads. The opening songs feature the Amparanoia band, but the real surprises come in the four "bonus tracks" in which Sanchez is joined by friends from Macaco or Ojos de Brujo for the furious dub reggae/ hip-hop workout on Jungle 3 or an unlikely Spanish take on Bob Marley's Redemption Song. Impressive - but surely even better heard live. (Guardian Review,6 Mar 2006)


1- La vida te da
2- You Know What I men
3- Sacaron agua
4- Tiempo pa' mi
5. Me voy lejos
6. Nada
7- Somnis
8. Antes de hoy
9. Little Think
10- Valkan-Mex
11- Ven
12- Permites madrecita
13- Jungle 3 "La realidad"
14- Redemption Song


Anima Sound System - Gipsy Sound Clash - Rapidshare

Anima Sound System is a Hungarian electronic band founded in 1993 in Szombathely. Anima is one of the first and most important Hungarian electronic acts, a unique fusion of Eastern-European folk music and modern electronic styles. The band soon developed strong ties with the underground Tilos Rdi station in Budapest. Their first international performance, in 1996, took place in Vienna at "Soundsfair Festival", (as the only Eastern-European act) along with bands like Red Snapper, Goldie and Nightmares on Wax.

Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - Review

Album Review:

Starting out sounding like the Upsetters in the studio with Lee Perry on the opener, "Authar Manca," Anima Sound System seem to set the tone for the album -- a sound clash, after all, having its roots in reggae. But the mood shifts throughout the album. On tracks like "Mg, Mg" and "Sinsemillia," for example, airy female vocals and a chilled beat give a distinctly European feel, and the growling Roland 303 bass that introduces "Po Drom" leads into a beat that's more jungle than ragga and spends ten minutes working around ideas before heading into territory that's quite gypsy. In some ways, it's the sound of a band with a lot to say and not enough room for all the ideas. "Kalls" heads them back to reggae territory, with the accent on the off beat, but the ideas, floating between dub and ambience, are more abstract. This is music that hits you in the head more than in the gut. And they're not afraid of lightness and occasionally sounding quite poppy and accessible, as on "Tekerd," which seems more aimed at the chart than anything but works within the mad, varied context of this record. "Slow" doesn't exactly live up to its name, taking more of a sinewy weave through a groove, with brass and horns sliding in and out. But it makes a good end to a fabulous disc. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - Tracklist

01 Anima Sound System - Authar Manca
02 Anima Sound System - Fj A Szl
03 Anima Sound System - Jiddis
04 Anima Sound System - Romano Funk
05 Anima Sound System - Morog
06 Anima Sound System - Mg, Mg
07 Anima Sound System - Cimbalom
08 Anima Sound System - Sinsemillia
09 Anima Sound System - Po Drom
10 Anima Sound System - Kalls
11 Anima Sound System - G.S.C.
12 Anima Sound System - Tekerd
13 Anima Sound System - Tilos
14 Anima Sound System - Slow

Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOAD HERE (PART 1)
Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOAD HERE (PART 2)

Borat Soundtrack - OST (2006) - Rapidshare

Borat soundtrack is fantastic, containing music from some of the best known artists of the Eastern European Gypsy (Roma) genre: Goran Bregovic (former rock star turned award winning composer), Esma Redzepova, Kocani Orchestra, Ivo Papasov, and more. Some of the songs are actually on the soundtracks of other movies (particularly the songs of Bregovic) such as "Time of the Gypsies" and "Underground" (both movies by Emir Kusturica) and Esma, who sings the opening "Caje Sukarije" has numerous CDs of her own, performs in a variety of languages, and has a broad international following, as does Bregovic. The Borat soundtrack is a true gem for any fan of the character or the musical artists!


Borat Soundtrack by Yves Taquet on Grooveshark

Figli di Madre Ignota - Fez Club (2007) - Rapîdshare Download

Balkan rock and surfy guitars and breathless rhythm, to dance and jump.

Let's get down to the brass tacks: We love Balkan music and our music is done to make people dance. Is there a link between Renato Carosone and Firewater? Between Balkan brass bands and Fred Buscaglione? Can a bunch of nutty people raised on fog, pasta and hoaxes in Northern Italy play klezmer-balkan-polka-swing without having to disown aglio, olio and peperoncino spaghetti? The answer is less important than the question, the result more interesting than logically correct. The path in itself is intriguing.

FEZ CLUB features:

- an astounding collaboration with CIRCUS CONTRAPTION, who arranged and recorded for us a whole song, "Sadoman"

- the single "Theme from Paradise" produced by and played with talented trumpet player ROY PACI (Mau Mau, Radiobemba, Aretuska)

- a couple intrusions by BANDA OSIRIS, the italian crazy quartet and soundtracks composers

Balkan Beats Vol.3 (2008) - Rapidshare Download

In the early 90s, a young Bosnian named Robert Soko came to Berlin to start a new life. Robert began to throw parties with like-minded emigrants and played the old yugo hits - a symbol of long gone, peaceful Yugoslavia. After over 10 years, the BalkanBeats parties are "legenda". Twice a month, BalkanBeats are blasting in Berlin's Mudd Club: Gypsy grooves, tribal beats and Balkan ska. BalkanBeats became an international cult affair. Now, Soko plays New York and L.A. on a regular basis. BalkanBeats are highly addictive - it's in their savage energy, the colourful, fresh timbre, and passion. The inexhaustible diversity stems from Slavonic, Oriental, Jewish traditions, and from the culture of the Roma people. The music's natural openness enables an easy and exciting transfer to modern times. Fresh Balkan bands pick up those traditions and process them into an individual cultural amalgam. BalkanBeats presents the greatest hits from the Mudd Club on a CD. Traditional and urban sounds - diverse, explosive, and just over the top.

Balkan Beats Vol.3 Tracklist:

01. Opa Cupa (Slavic Soul Party!)
02. Ubicu te (Magnifico)
03. Jungle Shadow (Kiril feat MC Wasp & Rucl)
04. Balkan Qoulou (Watcha Clan)
05. Disko (friends of Boban Mix) (Shantel feat. Boban Markovic Orkestar)
06. Viragok a réten (Little Cow) 00:03:59
07. Turkish Honga (Streamer & mps PILOT remix) (Ot Azoj Klezmer Band)
08. Manea-k (Max Pashm)
09. Drunk of Sorrow (Parno Graszt)
10. Moscow Fever (Slonovski Bal)
11. Hopai Diri Da (edit) (Damian & Brothers)
12. Heymischer Bulgar (Garage-Mix 2004) (Al Jawala)
13. Nema Problema Tourist (Figli di Madre Ignota)
14. Dobrila (The No Smoking Orchestra)
15. Naj ma shela (Romengo)

Balkan Beats Vol.3 Rapidshare Download Here
Pass: ucnokta

La Phaze - Miracle (2008) - Rapidshare Download

Exit les machines, fini les scratches. Avec son troisième album Miracle, le groupe angevin La Phaze affirme un tournant franchement rock. Le trio ne rentre pas pour autant dans le rang. Si le discours s’est un peu affiné, le propos, appuyé par Keny Arkana ou Gogol Bordello, reste toujours aussi radical. Il s’agit surtout de l’enregistrement le moins électronique du combo fondateur du pungle, mélange de punk et de jungle. Une évolution née d’une pratique intensive des concerts, selon Damny : "On avait vraiment besoin de liberté par rapport aux machines. L’idée a germé au fil du temps et on a eu une expérience avec l’ancien batteur d’Asian Dub Foundation sur le précédent album [Fin de cycle, ndlr]. Ça a été une révélation." Il y a deux ans, La Phaze décide donc d’intégrer un batteur, un humain avec de vrais bras, en la personne de Rouseman, ex-Superbus. Ce retour aux guitares a aussi fait une victime : "A mesure que nos racines rock remontaient au galop, la place pour le scratch devenait minime, avoue Arnaud. DJ Nevrax est lui issu de la culture électro et dub. Il ne s’y retrouvait plus vraiment artistiquement. On a donc mis fin à notre collaboration."

La Phaze - Miracle - Tracklist :

1 Miracle
2 Le Chant Des Bombes
3 Devil Game
4 La Langue
5 La Cause (Ft. Keny Arkana)
6 Peine De Vie
7 Roof On Fire
8 Little Face
9 A Table
10 Fievre De L`exil (We commin' rougher)(Feat. Eugene de Gogol Bordello)
11 No Backy Ards
12 Climax

La Phaze - Miracle (2008) - Rapidshare Download Here

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan (2007) - Rapidshare Download

From the balkan mountains to mediterranean shores, oral traditions from Maghreb to the London dance scene, Watcha Clan propose a musical and spiritual journey both political and mystical. Gypsy sorcerer, elephant surfer from the mountains... the musicians of this strange cooperative of sound invites you on a voyage of multiple layers. Supreme Clem's programming (Laptop, harmonium, accordion, melodica) will blossom in full liberty, supported by the sounds of the guitar and bass of Mat "La Basse" whilst leaving ever more place for the sounds of Sista Ka's vocals. The sound of the entire world intertwining with samplers, or ancient languages, in the image of Hebrew and Arabic, answering to rap styles to be reborn in an energetic style, mixing traditional and cultures to modern expression of electro hip hop.
After the first tastes of autoproduction (20 000 albums sold in 5 years) several travels to Algeria, La Reunion, India, Cuba... and around 400 concerts (Spain, Germany, Hungria) Watcha Clan poses itself ready to realise a new work. Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan is an album where birth will be given to a new universe even more skilled, more energetic and more focused shared in emotion and senuality, lyrically refined whatever the language.

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan - Tracklist

1 - Les Hommes Libres
2 - Goumari
3 - Ch’ilet La’yani
4 - Balkan Qoulou
5 - Tchiribim
6 - Marashtein
7 - Mean Diaspora
8 - Call of Hagar
9 - Les Courbes DeTon Corps
10 - Gypsy Sugar (Warhan Warhan)
11 - Eli
12 - Travellin’ Shoes
13 - La Patera
14 - Lei Le Ha
15 - Qued El Choulie

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan - Rapidshare Download Here

Madonna - Hard Candy (2008) Rapidshare Download

On Madonna's 11th album, Hard Candy, the queen of pop invites us to imagine her as a confectioner running a musical sweet shop. It all starts off well enough. Opening track Candy Shop is an agenda-setting call to arms, with Madonna promising a "special connection" and "plenty of heat".
The minimal, skittering drums are punctured by colossal stabs of synth, while Madonna purrs weak sweet shop-related innuendos: "Don't pretend you're not hungry, there's plenty to eat... I got Turkish Delights." Over and over again, she subsumes her pop sensibilities to their arsenal of clattering beats, hollered raps and over-fussy production.
On a ballad like Incredible, the overbearing din of an inexplicable electric guitar completely spoils an otherwise beautiful and delicate melody. It's almost like they threw everything at the wall to see what would stick, without realising it was a very sticky wall.
And that's a real shame because, if a handful of the tracks had been delivered to more producers with a touch more subtlety, Hard Candy could have ranked alongside Madonna's best.


Portishead - Third (2008) Rapidshare Download

It’s been nearly ten years since Portishead’s last release, 1998’s Roseland NYC Live, but with Third, they show that they haven’t missed a step as they deliver their darkest and most beautiful album to date.
Third is Portishead at their artistic apex. In the ten years of their hiatus, the musicians have matured tremendously, both as soundsmiths and songwriters, without losing any of the artistic vision or fire that initially brought them together. After so many years, Portishead still manage to make music that sounds like no one else, pushing their craft to artistic extremes and making the ugliest sounds beautiful without ever losing track of the music underneath. Hannis Brown

1. PORTISHEAD - Silence
2. PORTISHEAD - Hunter
3. PORTISHEAD - Nylon Smile
5. PORTISHEAD - Plastic
6. PORTISHEAD - We Carry On
7. PORTISHEAD - Deep Water
8. PORTISHEAD - Machine Gun
10. PORTISHEAD - Magic Doors
11. PORTISHEAD - Threads


Gentleman - Confidence (2006) Rapidshare Download

Gentleman Truly Has Every Reason to Call his New Album "Confidence" and Look Confidentially Ahead to the Future. The Events of the Past Two Years have Long Passed Every Expectation for the Reggae Artist from Cologne, Germany. And the Commercial Success of this Masterpiece of Roots Reggae, Studded with Jamaican Top Stars Such as Barrington Levy, Daddy Rings Or Anthony B as Well as Some of the Best Reggae Producers of the Island. Has Set New Standards for Reggae that Apply Not Only for Germany. "Confidence" was in the German Charts for Over Six Months and as a Result, Gentleman was Awarded the Echo, the Most Prestigious German Music Award Again in 2005 ! this CD Has Reached Platinum Status in Germany.

1. Gentleman - Send A Prayer
2. Gentleman - Superior
3. Gentleman - Caan Hold Us Down feat. Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings
4. Gentleman - Intoxication
5. Gentleman - New Day
6. Gentleman - Be Yourself feat. Cocoa Tea
7. Gentleman - All That You Had
8. Gentleman - Life Takes More Than That
9. Gentleman - Rumours
10. Gentleman - Weary No More feat. Tamika
11. Gentleman - After A Storm
12. Gentleman - Unconditional Love
13. Gentleman - Face Off feat. Anthony B
14. Gentleman - Strange Things
15. Gentleman - Blessing Of Jah feat. Ras Shiloh
16. Gentleman - Church And State
17. Gentleman - Lion's Den
18. Gentleman - Mystic Wind feat. Tony Rebel
19. Gentleman - For The Children
20. Gentleman - No Time Like Now feat. Jack Radics


Asian Dub Foundation - Punkara (2008) Download

Punkara is Asian Dub Foundation's 11th album. Asian Dub Foundation distinctive sound is a combination of hard ragga-jungle rhythms, indo-dub basslines, searing sitar- inspired guitars and ’traditional’ sounds. Punkara features artists such as Iggy Pop and Gogol Bordello, and ADF's line up includes now the ex-lead singer of King Prawn. Download Asian Dub Foundation's Punkara on Rapidshare Download Music Blog!

1. Asian Dub Foundation - Super Power
2. Asian Dub Foundation -Burning Fence
3. Asian Dub Foundation -No Fun (Feat Iggy Pop)
4. Asian Dub Foundation -Speed Of Light
5. Asian Dub Foundation -Ease Up Caesar
6. Asian Dub Foundation -S.O.C.A (feat Gogol Bordello)
7. Asian Dub Foundation -Target Practice
8. Asian Dub Foundation -Radar
9. Asian Dub Foundation -Altered Statesman
10. Asian Dub Foundation -Bride Of Punkara
11. Asian Dub Foundation -Stop Of Bleeding


Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (2007) Rapidshare Download

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Amy Winehouse's second album, Back to Black, is one of the finest soul albums, British or otherwise, to come out for years. Frank, her first album, was a sparse and stripped-down affair; Back to Black, meanwhile, is neither of these things. This time around, she's taken her inspiration from some of the classic 1960's girl groups like the Supremes and the Shangri-Las, a sound particularly suited to her textured vocal delivery, while adding a contemporary songwriting sensibility. With the help of producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, "Rehab" becomes a gospel-tinged stomp, while the title track (and album highlight) is a heartbreaking musical tribute to Phil Spector, with it's echoey bass drum, rhythmic piano, chimes, saxophone and close harmonies. Best of all, though, is the fact that Back to Black bucks the current trend in R&B by being unabashedly grown-up in both style and content. Winehouse's lyrics deal with relationships from a grown-up perspective, and are honest, direct and, often, complicated: on "You Know I'm No Good", she's unapologetic about her unfaithfulness. But she can also be witty, as on "Me & Mrs Jones" when she berates a boyfriend with "You made me miss the Slick Rick gig". Back to Black is a refreshingly mature soul album, the best of its kind for years. --Ted Kord

1. AMY WINEHOUSE - Rehab Album Version
2. AMY WINEHOUSE -You Know I'm No Good
3. AMY WINEHOUSE -Me & Mr Jones (Fuckery)
4. AMY WINEHOUSE - Just Friends
5. AMY WINEHOUSE -Back To Black
6. AMY WINEHOUSE -Love Is A Losing Game
7. AMY WINEHOUSE -Tears Dry On Their Own
8. AMY WINEHOUSE -Wake Up Alone
9. AMY WINEHOUSE -Some Unholy War
10. AMY WINEHOUSE -He Can Only Hold Her
11. AMY WINEHOUSE -Addicted

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Ali Farka Toure - Savane (2006) - Rapidshare Download

Savane, the great African guitarist and bluesman Ali Farka Touré's final solo studio album, was recorded in his native Mali toward the end of his life, when the artist knew his days were numbered. He spent his last years in his home village of Niafunké, concentrating on farming and family matters, jamming with local musicians of an evening. This impassioned, roots-drenched, mostly acoustic valedictory finds the Maestro's stalking rhythms and high-noon-at-the-crossroads, dusty desert-to-delta vocals in no less than life-summing form. "Soya" (track 5) seems to stand still in a million directions, while "Hanana Soko" (track 9) features a searing njarka fiddle spinning delirious circles around its throaty accompanying percussion. Pee Wee Ellis (sax) and Little George Sueref (harmonica) each manage to make strong impressions while adhering to the groove at hand. Afel Boucoum, a talented younger musician who has been mentioned as Touré's most likely successor (as if such a thing were possible!), graces "Njarou," the last tune. The other players are also at the top of their game, as fluttering ngoni (a West African spike lute) riffs weave in and out and airy female vocals float like a breeze off the river Niger. There are reports that Touré senior sat in on his son's upcoming album and scads of archival material will undoubtedly materialize. But his unsentimental, voluptuously masculine, spirit-guided magic is captured at its best, for all time, in this magnificent farewell. --Christina Roden

1. Erdi
2. Yer Bounda Fara
3. Beto
4. Savane
5. Soya
6. Penda Yoro
7. Machengoidi
8. Ledi Coumbe
9. Hanana
10. Soko
11. Gambari
12. Banga
13. Njarou

Ali Farka Toure - Wikipedia