Goulash Disko Crowdfunded Music Festival

Hi! I rarely promote my stuff on this blog, but this may interest anyone digging my musical tastes. I am the guy behind Goulash Disko, a popular balkan/global/tropical night that I ran with my wife when we were in Dublin. We moved to Croatia and want now to take it to the next level, and organize the First Crowdfunded Music Festival in the World

The magic will happen in Komiza, a tiny fisherman village on the island of Vis, on the Adriatic sea. The stage is a beach that has it all : remoteness, cristal clear water, pine forest to set up your tent, cactus, palm trees, and a great soundsystem. Here is how it looks :

You can expect top-notch Dj's playing the best of Balkan Beats, Global Bass, Reggae, Nu Cumbia, Funk, Chillstep, Afro, Tropical, Drum & Bass... If we raise enough, we would also book some live acts, with traditional gypsy brass bands on top of the list. The more support we will get, the better the line up!
Acts should include The Original Kocani Orkestar, Dj Shotnez from Balkan Beat Box, and Dunkelbunt, who released a Goulash Disko Promo Mix made of his own tracks and remixes, check it out!

If you want to attend the festival, support the project! Your money will be used entirely to build the line up, so consider it well spent! There are a few packages out there, but the concept is that the more people you come with, the cheaper the ticket. 
Here are the main options :

To support the Goulash Disko Festival project : www.Ulule.com/goulash! And if you can't make it, you can still help us making it by sharing the info! 

Hugs from Zagreb to all :)

Robot Koch - The Other Side

I don't know why I didn't heard about Robot Koch before. Did you? If not, you should give it a hear. I discovered him few weeks ago through my new awesome Spotify premium account, which keeps telling me that he is currently my favorite artist. I therefore felt like I had to publish some of his work on the blog.

Robot's sound is mysterious and brings together elements of Hip Hop, Bass, Trip Hop and Psychedelic music. If I had to name it, I may give it a shot with something like 'post-futuristic-chillstep', but what really matters is that the LP is fully enjoyable from the start to the end, and will give your mind a beautiful spiritual trip after the end of the world.

The album has been pretty well reviewed by the specialized press :
"Wonderful and strange pop music from the future" -John Peel (BBC) ; 
“One of Europe`s finest producers of the beat generation“ -Low End Theory ; 
“Music for a modern age that has rarely sounded so good” – Boomkat

Some links :

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Dourfestival 2012 - Mixcloud sets

Dourfestival is starting tomorrow! Best festival in Belgium, in my opinion, that made me discover real music 12 years ago. Electro, dubstep, reggae, hip hop, indie, and lots more. Voted best festival in the world for discoveries by LastFM users this year, it partnered with Mixcloud to presents artists on the 2012 edition. Here are some of the mixes. Few hours of good music below!
More info about the festival here : http://dourfestival.be/

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Sweatshop Union - Leisure Gang

I am quite picky with music submissions to my blog, but this is a good one. Check out Sweatshop Union, a hip hop crew from Canada. Creative, heavy beats and great flows. Sharing their music for free. I like that. Keep it up, guys!

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Staff Benda Bilili - Tres Tres Fort (2011)

Critically acclaimed by the press, Tres Tres Fort is for sure an album not to miss from 2011. Staff Benda Bilili is a group formed by homeless and disabled polio victims living in the grounds of Kinshasa Zoo. Their music combines reggae, rumba, soul and funk with traditional African rhythms as accessibly and joyously as Bob Marley or Buena Vista Social Club. The songs were recorded out in the open, using a dozen microphones, a MacBook and a 100m extension cord fraudulously connected to a deserted refreshment bar nearby. A inspiring movie about Staff Benda Bilili has recently been released.

"Even if the tale so far of Staff Benda Bilili wasn’t such an inspiring one, Très Très Fort still wouldn’t fail to melt the coldest of hearts… incredible." -HMV Choice

Support Staff Benda Bilili and get the album, they deserve it!

Staff Benda Bilili - Tres Tres Fort by Yves Taquet on Grooveshark

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