Chinese Man - Racing with the Sun (2011)

After two volumes of compilations "Groove Sessions", it was time for the three warriors of the Zen Spirit to engage their race with the sun and create a real-sounding first Hip Hop album. Chinese Man's tasty samples, scratches and funky influences such as Dub, Electronic or world music will please your hear through the whole journey. Chinese Man's "Racing with the Sun" was conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary film, full of mysterious characters.

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Rotfront - Emigrantski Raggamuffin

Rotfront : A Ukrainian, two Hungarians, an American, an Australian and five Germans mix Ska, Reggae, Dancehall and Cumbia sounds with Klezmer, Berlin’s own in-your-face brand of Hiphop, Eastern European Turbopolka, Mediterranean melodies and rock riffs. Russian, Hungarian, German and English lyrics tell of life in Berlin and the adventures of immigrants in the city. 

Rotfront - Emigrantski Raggamuffin - Amazon MP3 Download


Laidback Online Radio - Compilation

Laid Back is a Brussels based internet medium mixing radio and magazine that focus on everything urban related, be it music, art, lifestyle or whatever. Music wise, they play everything from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Psych Rock, Disco and Latin music to Hip Hop and much more. 
This 15 tracks compilation gather some 20 artists who collaborated with LDBK since 2002.

Reggae Roast - Roots Uprising (Various Artist Compilation)

Reggae Roast is one of the most vibrant, new reggae collectives in the UK and since 2007 they have been spreading their sound of the conscious roots music across the globe.
The label was founded in 2009, and has developed a formidable sound with global recognition. The roster includes artists such as Earl 16, Ghetto Priest & Kenny Knots, as well as remixes from the like of Rob Smith (RSD), RackNRuin, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Richie Phoe and Dark Arx.
They have been nice enough to share this really good compilation for free. Big up Reggae Roast! 

Studio One Selecta - Grooveshark Playlist by Calamarfarci

Studio One is one of Jamaica's most renowned record labels and recording studios, having been described as "the Motown of Jamaica."
Studio One was involved with most of the major music movements in Jamaica during the 1960s and 1970s, including ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub and dancehall. The label was founded by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd in 1954, and the first recordings were cut in 1957 on Brentford Road in Kingston (wanna know more? wikipedia!).
Here is a roots reggae compilation featuring exclusively Studio One tracks. Nowadays, their stuff is available on Souljazz records.
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OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2011 - Reggae Roast Mix

Here is a brand new studio mix, recorded in preparation for the 2011 Outlook Festival Reggae Roast excursion. The 60 min selection features a handful of our recent releases on Reggae Roast Records, ranging from revival classics to upfront dubstep promos.
Outlook Festival takes place in a croatian beach resort. Considered "Europe’s biggest and baddest Bass Music and Soundsystem Culture festival", it features dub, reggae, electronica, grime, dubstep, hip hop, garage and drum and bass. 
Already sold out.

DOUR 2011 HIP HOP MIX - Mixed by LeftO

The Belgian LeFtO has, over the years, created an unshakable reputation as a DJ. Resident DJ for the radio station Studio Brussel in his hometown, it is his live technique that has made him so hard to ignore. His style, an eclectic mix of hip-hop, reggae, breaks, dubstep, deep house, drum & bass and broken beats. 
Lefto plays all over - as much in Tokyo as in LA and he will come to Dour this summer, where he has been resident for several years. Once again, he will close on the stage that he is presenting, Club Circuit. 
The mix only features -mostly hip hop- artists of Dourfestival 2011 line up, such as Public Ennemy, Gaslamp Killer, Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Cut Chemist or Flying Lotus.

DOUR 2011 MASHUP MIX - Mixed by System D

Discover the highly recommendable Dourfestival 2011 lineup with this exclusive mash up mix from System D,  well known belgian drum and bass dj/producer, who's gonna close up the Balzaal on thursday.


Made up of incontrovertible faces of Liège and Belgian nightlife, the crew of artists/entertainers/DJ’s is setting off on a crusade to the four corners of Europe to spread the good word of their pounding electro and booty bass that makes the girls dance. We have already seen Mon Colonel, The Shore, PapyHarders, RVO, 2-Shy and their friends live on stage alongside Justice, Birdy Nam Nam, Crookers and many others...