Organized Konfusion - The Equinox (1997)

Organized Konfusion was an alternative hip hop duo from Queens, New York. Though not commercially popular, the duo was one of the most respected and acclaimed underground hip hop acts of the 1990s, largely due to the duo's intelligent rhymes, and the groundbreaking lyricism of Pharoahe Monch.
The group's third album, The Equinox, was released in 1997. The album featured an ambitious concept, complete with numerous storytelling skits. The tracks are pure underground hip hop jewels from the golden era. Dope! Get it.

Organized Konfusion - The Equinox Tracklist
1. Interior Assasin's Car 3:35 A.M. (Skit)
2. They Don't Want It!
3. March 21 3:45 A.M. (Skit)
4. 9xs Out of 10
5. Questions
6. Soundman
7. Move
8. Confrontations
9. Life & Malice Exterior Club Nite (Skit)
10. Numbers
11. Shugah Shorty
12. Interior Car Nite (Skit)
13. Invetro
14. Chuck Cheese
15. Interior Marisol's Apartment (Skit)
16. Sin
17. Hate
18. March 21-3:47 A.M. (Skit)
19. Somehow, Someway
20. Epilogue

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Cella Dwellas - Realms and Reality (1996)

The Brooklyn duo Cella Dwellas first appeared on a Masta Ace b-side and released their debut "Realms `N Reality" in 1996. "Realms `N Reality" is a criminally underrated album that slipped under the radar upon release but is in my opinion among the best records of its period. The LP is aptly titled--the 16 tracks are split between mystical, abstract songs and hard-hitting boom bap. The tracklist runs an hour long, during which there is not one weak song and every track seems just as good as the last. 

Cella Dwellas - Realms and Reality (1996) - Tracklist
1. Advance to Boardwalk
2. Mystic Freestyle
3. Perfect Match
4. Medina Style
5. Recognize 'N Ralize
6. Cella Dwellas
7. Wussda Plan
8. Good Dwellas
9. Hold U Down
10. Realm 3
11. Line 4 Line
12. Worries
13. We Got It Hemmed
14. Good Dwellas (Pt. 2)
15. Outro
16. Land of the Lost

Looking Up (1994-2000) - Discography

Looking Up was a belgian 6 piece ska-punk band, famous in the 90s on the underground belgian skate scene, as most of its members were skaters themselves, the famous ones being the Dykmans brothers : Julian, lead singer of the group, and Ian who played the guitar. They gave energic gigs all around Europe and played with bands like Millencolin, Voodoo Glow Skulls, or Hardcore band Wise Up.
Looking Up released only one official album, 'Got Another Answer' on the prestigious punk label Epitaph/I Scream in 1998. Their second album was unofficially released in 2000, after the band split. Some of their songs were featured on Punk compilations like Punk-O-Rama, and skate videos parts such as Geoffrey Van Hove on Cliché Europa.

Looking Up - Got Another Answer - Tracklist
1. Just Wreck My Ankle
2. Going Through My Mind
3. 3 Times 75
4. Rastaman
5. Open Up Your Mind
6. Falling Down
7. Badaboum
8. Ska Battle
9. Energy
10. Why
11. Hypocrisy
12. Minorities
13. The Stranger
14. Friendship
15. As One
16. Sunshiny Day

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Looking Up (Autoreleased, 2000) - Tracklist
2.Happy Roving Man
4.The Reason Why
5.Just Another Love Song 
7.No Pride to Defend 
8.Brief Soberness 
9.Sex Bomb 
10.9 to 5 
12.Let's Make It All Up

Looking Up also released on I Scream Records a very limited 7 inch Vinyl with demo-ish versions of tracks released later on on Got Another Answer and the autoreleased album.
Side A: 3 times 75 - just another love song
Side B: sex bomb - let's make it all up


Pigeon Hole - LIght Show (feat. D-Sisive)

Pigeon Hole are from the Vancouver BC based Sweatshop Union collective.

Light Show is the first song off of the forthcoming Pigeon Hole album 'Age Like Astronauts.' Album is set for release June 15th on URBNET Records and features D-Sisive, Moka Only, and Mos Eisley of Sweatshop Union.

The video is directed by Stuey Kubrick and was shot in the basement of the Astoria on the downtown east side of Vancouver. There are cameos by Moka Only, Sweatshop Union, Birdapres & more.

Hope you like it. I do :)