Cambodian Rocks Compilation - Various Artists

In 1996, the Parallel World label released the LP "Cambodian Rocks", a collection of Cambodian psych and garage music from the 60s and early 70s (probably), compiled by an American tourist named Paul Wheeler from some cassettes he bought in Phnom Penh. No information on the songs was provided at all, no artist names, no song titles, and no recording dates. Four years later, Parallel World reissued this compilation on CD with a few extra tracks, but still without any identifying information. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that many of the featured musicians, showing a definite Western influence in their music, were murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime which took over power in 1975. Certainly none of them ever received any money from the sales of this compilation. However, the music is wonderful, and here it is for your enjoyment.

To have an insight, check out the youtube. It's Pan Ron, one of the queens of cambodian psyche-funk-rock. Along with 1,5 millions people, she was murdered under Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime during 70s. Not cool.

Blockhead - The Music Scene (2009)

Blockhead has long made beautiful, emotive music based around the hip hop template, but on “The Music Scene” he elevates his craft to another level. Tony puts it down to the use of Ableton, which means that rather than working from “one basic beat and building off it” (the standard hip hop model), he has begun stringing together multiple beats and weaving them together into increasingly complex, surprising and satisfying pieces of music. As he himself puts it, “I made each song a little more of a musical journey than anything I have ever done before.”

Blockhead - The Music Scene - Tracklist
01 It's Raining Clouds
02 The Music Scene
03 Only Sequences Change
04 Which One Of You Kerks Stole My Arnold Palmer
05 Attack The Doctor
06 The Prettiest Sea Slug
07 The Daily Routine
08 Tricky Turtle
09 Four Walls
10 Pity Party
11 Hell Camp
12 Farewell Spaceman

Fu-Schnikens - Nervous Breakdown (1994)

Poc, Moc, and Chip Fu of Fu-Schnickens are three young Brooklyn men who spent their childhood watching way too much television. Their raps riff on karate flicks, monster movies, Batman, Bugs Bunny, sitcoms, and cereal commercials--in other words, they spout the common mythology of Americans 29 and under. For those in that demographic, Fu's raps clear a trail into the dark recesses of memory lane. For those who don't get it, though, the trio's second album, Nervous Breakdown, is much more than a catalog of the collective Gen-X unconscious. On the record we hear three distinct personalities, all lightning-paced rappers with tremendous control of their voices. For the fans of Das EFX, Yaggfu Front, and Lords of the Underground, there's plenty of fun to be found in this album. This really reflects what a great time 1994 was for hip hop.

Fu-Schnikens - Nervous Breakdown - Tracklist
1. Breakdown
2. Sum Dum Munkey
3. Visions (20/20)
4. Watch Ya Back Door
5. Aaahh Ooohhh!
6. Sneakin' Up On Ya
7. Got It Covered
8. Who Stole The Pebble
9. Hi Lo
10. What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) [K-Cut's Fat Trac Remix]
11. Breakdown [Dunkafelic Remix]

Fu-Schnikens - Nervous Breakdown - Rapidshare Download HERE

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine (1992)

Rage Against the Machine is the debut studio album by alternative metal band Rage Against the Machine. The album was released on November 11, 1992. The songs on Rage Against the Machine all feature political messages.

This all-time classic is a must have for any ear that is sensitive to -good- music. If you followed the Killing in the Name campaign (see below) but do not know more about Rage against the Machine, get the album. You paid for the track, so you might think you deserve to download the album. If you don't, you can also buy it here.

Rage Against The Machine - Tracklist

1. Bombtrack
2. Killing In The Name
3. Take The Power Back
4. Settle For Nothing
5. Bullet In The Head
6. Know Your Enemy
7. Wake Up
8. Fistful Of Steel
9. Township Rebellion
10. Freedom


Killing in the Name campaign

In December 2009, a campaign was launched on Facebook and Twitter by Jon and Tracy Morter which generated nationwide publicity and took the track "Killing in the Name" to the coveted Christmas Number One slot in the UK Singles Chart, which had been dominated for four consecutive years from 2005 by winners from the popular TV show The X Factor. Before the chart was announced on 20 December 2009 the Facebook group membership stood at over 950,000, and was acknowledged (and supported) by Tom Morello, Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney,Muse, Fightstar, NME, John Lydon, Bill Bailey, Lenny Henry, BBC Radio 1, Hadouken!, The Prodigy, Stereophonics, BBC Radio 5 Live, and even the 2004 X Factor winner Steve Brookstein, amongst numerous others. The campaign was ultimately successful, and "Killing in the Name" became the number-one single in the UK for Christmas 2009. All the benefits are going to be give to charities, says the band