Blockhead - The Music Scene (2009)

Blockhead has long made beautiful, emotive music based around the hip hop template, but on “The Music Scene” he elevates his craft to another level. Tony puts it down to the use of Ableton, which means that rather than working from “one basic beat and building off it” (the standard hip hop model), he has begun stringing together multiple beats and weaving them together into increasingly complex, surprising and satisfying pieces of music. As he himself puts it, “I made each song a little more of a musical journey than anything I have ever done before.”

Blockhead - The Music Scene - Tracklist
01 It's Raining Clouds
02 The Music Scene
03 Only Sequences Change
04 Which One Of You Kerks Stole My Arnold Palmer
05 Attack The Doctor
06 The Prettiest Sea Slug
07 The Daily Routine
08 Tricky Turtle
09 Four Walls
10 Pity Party
11 Hell Camp
12 Farewell Spaceman