Fu-Schnikens - Nervous Breakdown (1994)

Poc, Moc, and Chip Fu of Fu-Schnickens are three young Brooklyn men who spent their childhood watching way too much television. Their raps riff on karate flicks, monster movies, Batman, Bugs Bunny, sitcoms, and cereal commercials--in other words, they spout the common mythology of Americans 29 and under. For those in that demographic, Fu's raps clear a trail into the dark recesses of memory lane. For those who don't get it, though, the trio's second album, Nervous Breakdown, is much more than a catalog of the collective Gen-X unconscious. On the record we hear three distinct personalities, all lightning-paced rappers with tremendous control of their voices. For the fans of Das EFX, Yaggfu Front, and Lords of the Underground, there's plenty of fun to be found in this album. This really reflects what a great time 1994 was for hip hop.

Fu-Schnikens - Nervous Breakdown - Tracklist
1. Breakdown
2. Sum Dum Munkey
3. Visions (20/20)
4. Watch Ya Back Door
5. Aaahh Ooohhh!
6. Sneakin' Up On Ya
7. Got It Covered
8. Who Stole The Pebble
9. Hi Lo
10. What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) [K-Cut's Fat Trac Remix]
11. Breakdown [Dunkafelic Remix]

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