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Anima Sound System is a Hungarian electronic band founded in 1993 in Szombathely. Anima is one of the first and most important Hungarian electronic acts, a unique fusion of Eastern-European folk music and modern electronic styles. The band soon developed strong ties with the underground Tilos Rdi station in Budapest. Their first international performance, in 1996, took place in Vienna at "Soundsfair Festival", (as the only Eastern-European act) along with bands like Red Snapper, Goldie and Nightmares on Wax.

Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - Review

Album Review:

Starting out sounding like the Upsetters in the studio with Lee Perry on the opener, "Authar Manca," Anima Sound System seem to set the tone for the album -- a sound clash, after all, having its roots in reggae. But the mood shifts throughout the album. On tracks like "Mg, Mg" and "Sinsemillia," for example, airy female vocals and a chilled beat give a distinctly European feel, and the growling Roland 303 bass that introduces "Po Drom" leads into a beat that's more jungle than ragga and spends ten minutes working around ideas before heading into territory that's quite gypsy. In some ways, it's the sound of a band with a lot to say and not enough room for all the ideas. "Kalls" heads them back to reggae territory, with the accent on the off beat, but the ideas, floating between dub and ambience, are more abstract. This is music that hits you in the head more than in the gut. And they're not afraid of lightness and occasionally sounding quite poppy and accessible, as on "Tekerd," which seems more aimed at the chart than anything but works within the mad, varied context of this record. "Slow" doesn't exactly live up to its name, taking more of a sinewy weave through a groove, with brass and horns sliding in and out. But it makes a good end to a fabulous disc. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

Anima Sound System - Gypsy Soundclash - Tracklist

01 Anima Sound System - Authar Manca
02 Anima Sound System - Fj A Szl
03 Anima Sound System - Jiddis
04 Anima Sound System - Romano Funk
05 Anima Sound System - Morog
06 Anima Sound System - Mg, Mg
07 Anima Sound System - Cimbalom
08 Anima Sound System - Sinsemillia
09 Anima Sound System - Po Drom
10 Anima Sound System - Kalls
11 Anima Sound System - G.S.C.
12 Anima Sound System - Tekerd
13 Anima Sound System - Tilos
14 Anima Sound System - Slow

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Borat Soundtrack - OST (2006) - Rapidshare

Borat soundtrack is fantastic, containing music from some of the best known artists of the Eastern European Gypsy (Roma) genre: Goran Bregovic (former rock star turned award winning composer), Esma Redzepova, Kocani Orchestra, Ivo Papasov, and more. Some of the songs are actually on the soundtracks of other movies (particularly the songs of Bregovic) such as "Time of the Gypsies" and "Underground" (both movies by Emir Kusturica) and Esma, who sings the opening "Caje Sukarije" has numerous CDs of her own, performs in a variety of languages, and has a broad international following, as does Bregovic. The Borat soundtrack is a true gem for any fan of the character or the musical artists!


Borat Soundtrack by Yves Taquet on Grooveshark

Figli di Madre Ignota - Fez Club (2007) - Rapîdshare Download

Balkan rock and surfy guitars and breathless rhythm, to dance and jump.

Let's get down to the brass tacks: We love Balkan music and our music is done to make people dance. Is there a link between Renato Carosone and Firewater? Between Balkan brass bands and Fred Buscaglione? Can a bunch of nutty people raised on fog, pasta and hoaxes in Northern Italy play klezmer-balkan-polka-swing without having to disown aglio, olio and peperoncino spaghetti? The answer is less important than the question, the result more interesting than logically correct. The path in itself is intriguing.

FEZ CLUB features:

- an astounding collaboration with CIRCUS CONTRAPTION, who arranged and recorded for us a whole song, "Sadoman"

- the single "Theme from Paradise" produced by and played with talented trumpet player ROY PACI (Mau Mau, Radiobemba, Aretuska)

- a couple intrusions by BANDA OSIRIS, the italian crazy quartet and soundtracks composers

Balkan Beats Vol.3 (2008) - Rapidshare Download

In the early 90s, a young Bosnian named Robert Soko came to Berlin to start a new life. Robert began to throw parties with like-minded emigrants and played the old yugo hits - a symbol of long gone, peaceful Yugoslavia. After over 10 years, the BalkanBeats parties are "legenda". Twice a month, BalkanBeats are blasting in Berlin's Mudd Club: Gypsy grooves, tribal beats and Balkan ska. BalkanBeats became an international cult affair. Now, Soko plays New York and L.A. on a regular basis. BalkanBeats are highly addictive - it's in their savage energy, the colourful, fresh timbre, and passion. The inexhaustible diversity stems from Slavonic, Oriental, Jewish traditions, and from the culture of the Roma people. The music's natural openness enables an easy and exciting transfer to modern times. Fresh Balkan bands pick up those traditions and process them into an individual cultural amalgam. BalkanBeats presents the greatest hits from the Mudd Club on a CD. Traditional and urban sounds - diverse, explosive, and just over the top.

Balkan Beats Vol.3 Tracklist:

01. Opa Cupa (Slavic Soul Party!)
02. Ubicu te (Magnifico)
03. Jungle Shadow (Kiril feat MC Wasp & Rucl)
04. Balkan Qoulou (Watcha Clan)
05. Disko (friends of Boban Mix) (Shantel feat. Boban Markovic Orkestar)
06. Viragok a réten (Little Cow) 00:03:59
07. Turkish Honga (Streamer & mps PILOT remix) (Ot Azoj Klezmer Band)
08. Manea-k (Max Pashm)
09. Drunk of Sorrow (Parno Graszt)
10. Moscow Fever (Slonovski Bal)
11. Hopai Diri Da (edit) (Damian & Brothers)
12. Heymischer Bulgar (Garage-Mix 2004) (Al Jawala)
13. Nema Problema Tourist (Figli di Madre Ignota)
14. Dobrila (The No Smoking Orchestra)
15. Naj ma shela (Romengo)

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La Phaze - Miracle (2008) - Rapidshare Download

Exit les machines, fini les scratches. Avec son troisième album Miracle, le groupe angevin La Phaze affirme un tournant franchement rock. Le trio ne rentre pas pour autant dans le rang. Si le discours s’est un peu affiné, le propos, appuyé par Keny Arkana ou Gogol Bordello, reste toujours aussi radical. Il s’agit surtout de l’enregistrement le moins électronique du combo fondateur du pungle, mélange de punk et de jungle. Une évolution née d’une pratique intensive des concerts, selon Damny : "On avait vraiment besoin de liberté par rapport aux machines. L’idée a germé au fil du temps et on a eu une expérience avec l’ancien batteur d’Asian Dub Foundation sur le précédent album [Fin de cycle, ndlr]. Ça a été une révélation." Il y a deux ans, La Phaze décide donc d’intégrer un batteur, un humain avec de vrais bras, en la personne de Rouseman, ex-Superbus. Ce retour aux guitares a aussi fait une victime : "A mesure que nos racines rock remontaient au galop, la place pour le scratch devenait minime, avoue Arnaud. DJ Nevrax est lui issu de la culture électro et dub. Il ne s’y retrouvait plus vraiment artistiquement. On a donc mis fin à notre collaboration."

La Phaze - Miracle - Tracklist :

1 Miracle
2 Le Chant Des Bombes
3 Devil Game
4 La Langue
5 La Cause (Ft. Keny Arkana)
6 Peine De Vie
7 Roof On Fire
8 Little Face
9 A Table
10 Fievre De L`exil (We commin' rougher)(Feat. Eugene de Gogol Bordello)
11 No Backy Ards
12 Climax

La Phaze - Miracle (2008) - Rapidshare Download Here

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan (2007) - Rapidshare Download

From the balkan mountains to mediterranean shores, oral traditions from Maghreb to the London dance scene, Watcha Clan propose a musical and spiritual journey both political and mystical. Gypsy sorcerer, elephant surfer from the mountains... the musicians of this strange cooperative of sound invites you on a voyage of multiple layers. Supreme Clem's programming (Laptop, harmonium, accordion, melodica) will blossom in full liberty, supported by the sounds of the guitar and bass of Mat "La Basse" whilst leaving ever more place for the sounds of Sista Ka's vocals. The sound of the entire world intertwining with samplers, or ancient languages, in the image of Hebrew and Arabic, answering to rap styles to be reborn in an energetic style, mixing traditional and cultures to modern expression of electro hip hop.
After the first tastes of autoproduction (20 000 albums sold in 5 years) several travels to Algeria, La Reunion, India, Cuba... and around 400 concerts (Spain, Germany, Hungria) Watcha Clan poses itself ready to realise a new work. Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan is an album where birth will be given to a new universe even more skilled, more energetic and more focused shared in emotion and senuality, lyrically refined whatever the language.

Watcha Clan - Diaspora Hi-Fi / A Mediterranean Caravan - Tracklist

1 - Les Hommes Libres
2 - Goumari
3 - Ch’ilet La’yani
4 - Balkan Qoulou
5 - Tchiribim
6 - Marashtein
7 - Mean Diaspora
8 - Call of Hagar
9 - Les Courbes DeTon Corps
10 - Gypsy Sugar (Warhan Warhan)
11 - Eli
12 - Travellin’ Shoes
13 - La Patera
14 - Lei Le Ha
15 - Qued El Choulie

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