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In the early 90s, a young Bosnian named Robert Soko came to Berlin to start a new life. Robert began to throw parties with like-minded emigrants and played the old yugo hits - a symbol of long gone, peaceful Yugoslavia. After over 10 years, the BalkanBeats parties are "legenda". Twice a month, BalkanBeats are blasting in Berlin's Mudd Club: Gypsy grooves, tribal beats and Balkan ska. BalkanBeats became an international cult affair. Now, Soko plays New York and L.A. on a regular basis. BalkanBeats are highly addictive - it's in their savage energy, the colourful, fresh timbre, and passion. The inexhaustible diversity stems from Slavonic, Oriental, Jewish traditions, and from the culture of the Roma people. The music's natural openness enables an easy and exciting transfer to modern times. Fresh Balkan bands pick up those traditions and process them into an individual cultural amalgam. BalkanBeats presents the greatest hits from the Mudd Club on a CD. Traditional and urban sounds - diverse, explosive, and just over the top.

Balkan Beats Vol.3 Tracklist:

01. Opa Cupa (Slavic Soul Party!)
02. Ubicu te (Magnifico)
03. Jungle Shadow (Kiril feat MC Wasp & Rucl)
04. Balkan Qoulou (Watcha Clan)
05. Disko (friends of Boban Mix) (Shantel feat. Boban Markovic Orkestar)
06. Viragok a réten (Little Cow) 00:03:59
07. Turkish Honga (Streamer & mps PILOT remix) (Ot Azoj Klezmer Band)
08. Manea-k (Max Pashm)
09. Drunk of Sorrow (Parno Graszt)
10. Moscow Fever (Slonovski Bal)
11. Hopai Diri Da (edit) (Damian & Brothers)
12. Heymischer Bulgar (Garage-Mix 2004) (Al Jawala)
13. Nema Problema Tourist (Figli di Madre Ignota)
14. Dobrila (The No Smoking Orchestra)
15. Naj ma shela (Romengo)

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