Das Kollektiv - Watch What You Put Inna Rizzla (Remix)

DJ Iber is back! This time as the gentler half of Das Kollektiv, a newly formed duo of Croatian production wannabes that just released their vision of Overproof Soundsystem's 2002 hit Watch What You Put Inna Rizla. Check it out and send them love if you like it!

OSS - Watch What You Put Inna Rizzla (Das Kollektiv remix) 320 by Das Kollektiv

Calamarfarci Records 3 - Ragga Jungle

Calamarfarci Records 3 gathers the best Ragga Jungle tunes my ragga junglist friends and I could find. Selection has been though but here you are...15 songs around 180 bpm with ragga-reggae melodies, and about 80 minutes of great music. Download it here, and spread the link around.
The Ragga Jungle style is credited with engaging the black community within the Jungle scene, and contributed to the 'bad boy' or 'rude boy' subculture within the UK. Ragga Jungle's popularity waned significantly since 1995 in the UK. Ragga Jungle is now a niche sound, with a small number of labels releasing music that can be categorised in this manner. Prominent producers of this new-school sound are continuing to build bridges, often re-voicing classic reggae singers to produce new works for exclusive use (as "Dubplates") and retail sale as 12" vinyl singles and downloadable mp3's.

Calamarfarci Records 3 - Ragga Jungle - Tracklist

1. DJ Rahmanee - Bun di Chalice (6:39)
2. Top Cat - A Friend In Need (Panik & M Rode Remix) (5:43)
3. MCD Feat Myesha & Ragga Twins - Allright (Benny Page Remix) (5:06)
4. J Bostron - Wanna be free (3:07)
5. Soundclash - Raggamuffin (5:21)
6. Candy - Too Long In Slavery (6:29)
7. Shy Fx - Everyday (4:13)
8. Benny Page - Turn Down the Lights (5:50)
9. Tenor Diamond vs L judas - Dem A Dragon (5:08)
10. Shy Fx & T power - On The Run (4:22)
11. Soundmurderer & SK1 - deport them (rewind remix) (3:24)
12. Visionary - Jungle Rock (5:46)
13. Benny Page - Hold on (6:13)
14. Candy - Guns Of... (6:29)
15. Rusko - Sound Guy Is My Target (4:44)