Saian Supa Crew - KLR (1999)

Saian Supa Crew - KLR - Review

It seems like such a natural progression for French hip-hop to take off--after all, there's only so many MCs out there with anything original to say or a novel way of saying it, so the flow of the rapper's patter is easily as important as what they're rapping about. French, with its cultivated smoothness, sounds beautiful and naturally flows from thought to thought; chanted over beats, the effect can be sublime--even if the listener doesn't understand a word. Though most dedicated hip-hop fans are familiar with MC Solaar, it might be the Saian Supa Crew who spread le message. The SSC are a six-man collective (three MCs, one vocalist and two vocal percussionists, who "sing" sound effects) who have internalized influences from a wide variety of forefathers: the Roots and Jurassic 5, for a wide-open, old-school feel and a respect for hip-hop history; DJ Premier and the Wu-Tang Clan, for the production on "G-Padpo" and "Darkness"; even the playfulness of Prince Paul. It's a lot to display on one album, and some songs work better than others--but there are more than enough winners here

Saian Supa Crew - KLR - Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Raz De Maree
3. Darkness
4. G Padpo
5. Ragots
6. Abecedaire Des Cons
7. 2 Be Or Not 2 Be
8. Malade Imaginaire (Intro)
9. Malade Imaginaire
10. La Preuve Par 3
11. Soul Mwa Pas
12. Ring My Bell
13. Pitchy And Skratchee Show
14. Angela
15. Objectif
16. J'Adore Ca
17. Que Dit On ?
18. Histoire D'Un Homme Faible
19. La Methode
20. Klr

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Saian Supa Crew - X Raisons (2001)

Saian Supa Crew - X Raisons - Review

X Raisons is an exuberant, joyous second album from the Parisian rap crew that mix hip-hop, reggae and north (Zouk and Rai) and western African influences. Formed in the late 90s the six-man multicultural group integrate the old and the new of hip-hop, slotting classic beatbox alongside production that rumbles somewhere between the Wu Tang Clan and the Fugees. "Soldat 1" (Soldier 1) even uses a slight touch of Dr Dre's "The Next Episode" as its hook. This is a bold, ambitious album. Saian operate without musical restrictions, unafraid to sing, shout or switch tempos, best exemplified by the grandiose power play of "Maladie", the twinkley piano-led "Du 14 02 2002", the chanson swing of "A Demi Nue" (the half nude), the African chants of "Mohammed et Sebastien" and the quasi Miami bass of "A cow'mow (Hami sow bo)". The Jimi Hendrix beat box insert is also hilarious. X Raisons is a playful, cheeky album that neatly contrasts the heavyweight output of contemporaries such as IAM and Busta Flex. Clearly the French language proves a barrier to non-French speakers and Saian Supa Crew make little lyrical effort to appeal to an international audience. But this is a strength and not a weakness--X Raisons might not be so interesting if it were trying to capture the massive English speaking hip-hop market. However, the group are to release an international album next year and have already recorded a track with the UK's Roots Manuva.

Saian Supa Crew - X Raisons - Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Ils Etaient Une Fois
3. 19 20 Ans
4. Polices
5. Maladie
6. Interlude
7. Du 14 02 2002
8. Voodoo Chile
9. J'Entends Dire
10. La Derniere Seance
11. Au Nom De Quoi
12. Soldat 1
13. Soldat 2
14. A Demi Nue
15. Mohammed Et Sebastien
16. J'Avais
17. Tourner La Page
18. Mitaw Tao
19. A Co'Mow
20. Le Chanteur Fou
21. X Raisons

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The Sound Providers - An Evening With The Sound Providers (2004)

The Sound Providers, hmmm! This is THE ALBUM if you love those boom bap beats 'n jazzy vibes, that gives you the real hiphop feeling back from back in the days when Pete Rock,CL Smooth, De La Soul, ATCQ were doing there thing.

With 21 songs on it, 7 of them are skits with lovely beats on the background, another 7 are instrumentals with the same recept (with scratches and cuts in it), and another 7 songs are collaborations with very talented emcees who don't have to speak about bling bling, cash, cars and ho's. ALL the songs on the album are great. The entire album includes that perfect music...59:30 minutes of pure pleasure music.

If there is coming up a spontaneous smile on your face when you here a boom bap beat show up after a little intro, hearing talented emcees over perfect beats, get this album. One of the best Hip Hop album released in 2000's.