Figli di Madre Ignota - Fez Club (2007) - Rapîdshare Download

Balkan rock and surfy guitars and breathless rhythm, to dance and jump.

Let's get down to the brass tacks: We love Balkan music and our music is done to make people dance. Is there a link between Renato Carosone and Firewater? Between Balkan brass bands and Fred Buscaglione? Can a bunch of nutty people raised on fog, pasta and hoaxes in Northern Italy play klezmer-balkan-polka-swing without having to disown aglio, olio and peperoncino spaghetti? The answer is less important than the question, the result more interesting than logically correct. The path in itself is intriguing.

FEZ CLUB features:

- an astounding collaboration with CIRCUS CONTRAPTION, who arranged and recorded for us a whole song, "Sadoman"

- the single "Theme from Paradise" produced by and played with talented trumpet player ROY PACI (Mau Mau, Radiobemba, Aretuska)

- a couple intrusions by BANDA OSIRIS, the italian crazy quartet and soundtracks composers