Cella Dwellas - Realms and Reality (1996)

The Brooklyn duo Cella Dwellas first appeared on a Masta Ace b-side and released their debut "Realms `N Reality" in 1996. "Realms `N Reality" is a criminally underrated album that slipped under the radar upon release but is in my opinion among the best records of its period. The LP is aptly titled--the 16 tracks are split between mystical, abstract songs and hard-hitting boom bap. The tracklist runs an hour long, during which there is not one weak song and every track seems just as good as the last. 

Cella Dwellas - Realms and Reality (1996) - Tracklist
1. Advance to Boardwalk
2. Mystic Freestyle
3. Perfect Match
4. Medina Style
5. Recognize 'N Ralize
6. Cella Dwellas
7. Wussda Plan
8. Good Dwellas
9. Hold U Down
10. Realm 3
11. Line 4 Line
12. Worries
13. We Got It Hemmed
14. Good Dwellas (Pt. 2)
15. Outro
16. Land of the Lost