Daft Punk - Alive (2007)

This to me is probably the best live cd I have heard. All the songs we know and love are mixed perfectly. Daft Punk really knows how to put on a show. I do believe that if you are new to daft punk you shouldn’t pick up this cd. The great part of this cd is to be surprised and see how well they mix the the songs. Knowing all these songs by heart and hearing them in a whole new way is what makes this cd amazing. If you are new to daft punk you may not see the greatness. For any Daft Punk fan do yourself a favor and buy this cd! (review by a fan from amazon.com)

01. robot rock _oh yeah
02. touch it _technologic
03. television rules the nation _crescendolls
04. too long _crescendolls_high life
05. too long _steam machine
06. around the world _harder better faster
07. burnin _too long
08. face to face _short circuit
09. one more time _aerodynamic
10. the brainwasher _the primetime of your life_steam machine
11. da funk _daftendirekt
12. superheroes _human after all_rock'n'roll