Yann Tiersen - Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain OST (2001)

Heavily influenced by traditional French music, the music is performed by strings, accordion, piano and a small number of other instruments. Tiersen performes the majority of the instruments himself, from the piano and vibraphone to the banjo and toy piano. Strings are used in a couple of cues, but the orchestral sound is mostly very small throughout the entire score. There are a lot of solo performances by the piano and the accordion, and with cues dominated by lively waltzes this is a score that without doubt makes the listener happy. After having seen the film, I left the cinema with a big smile and every listen to this score leaves me with an equally large smile and a warm heart.

1. J'y suis jamais allé (1:34)
2. Les jours tristes (Instrumental) (3:03)
3. La valse d'Amélie (Original version) (2:15)
4. Comptine d'un autre été : l'après-midi (2:20)
5. La noyée (2:03)
6. L'autre valse d'Amélie (1:33)
7. Guilty (Al Bowlly) (3:13)
8. À quai (3:32)
9. Le moulin (4:27)
10. Pas si simple (1:52)
11. La valse d'Amélie (Orchestral version) (2:00)
12. La valse des vieux os (2:20)
13. La dispute (4:15)
14. Si tu n'étais pas là (Fréhel) (3:29)
15. Soir de fête (2:55)
16. La redécouverte (1:13)
17. Sur le fil (4:23)
18. Le banquet (1:31)
19. La valse d'Amélie (Piano version) (2:38)
20. La valse des monstres (3:39)