Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life (2004)

Let’s put it simply, Ghetto Pop Life is one hell of a record. In sixteen tracks spread over just under an hour, MC Jemini and producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse rewrite the whole history of hip-hop only to pull it apart again and again. Released on the excellent hip-hop arm of Warp, Lex, Ghetto Pop Life is simply the best album the label has released so far, and it is not a small performance. With this first collaboration, Danger Mouse and Jemini offer an interesting take on hip-hop, classic and modern, and produce one of the most exhilarating albums of the year so far. Their unique blend of sounds and rhymes is utterly essential, whether you’re into hip-hop or not.

Ghetto Pop Life Intro
Ghetto Pop Life
Omega Supreme (Who?!)
What U Sittin On?
The Only One
Take Care of Business
That Brooklyn Shit
Copy Cats
Don't Do Drugs
Bush Boys
Here We Go Again
I'ma DooMee
Knuckle Sandwich