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Sublime is the hit album released by the eponymous band. It was originally intended to be called Killin' It, but the band and record label agreed to respectfully substitute an eponymous title due to lead singer Bradley Nowell's death before the album's release. The album was a major commercial success, going five times platinum in 1999 and etching Sublime into a permanent place among the stars of mid-90s alternative rock. Its most popular single, "What I Got", was an uncharacteristically poppy song; the bulk of the album was faithful to Sublime's ska, dub, and reggae influences, with tempos ranging from the frantic — such as "Seed," "Same in the End," and "Paddle Out" — to the slow and deliberate, such as "Pawn Shop" and "Jailhouse." "Jailhouse", is a cover of a Bob Marley song which can be found on many Bob Marley albums including "The Wailing Wailers at Studio One, Vol. 2".
The musical styles throughout the album vary nearly as much as the subjects discussed, ranging from the mellow Hip Hop groove of "Doin' Time" and reggae beat of "Caress Me Down" to the pop-rock "What I Got" and the hardcore punk sound of "Paddle Out". The genre-crossing musical diversity expressed on the album is one of the more compelling reasons for the record's wide mainstream appeal. Check Sublime's melting pot with the rapidshare music download blog!

1. Sublime - Garden Grove
2. Sublime - What I Got
3. Sublime - Wrong Way
4. Sublime - Same In The End
5. Sublime - April 29, 1992 (Miami)
6. Sublime - Santeria
7. Sublime - Seed
8. Sublime - Jailhouse
9. Sublime - Pawn Shop
10. Sublime - Paddle Out
11. Sublime - The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
12. Sublime - Burritos
13. Sublime - Under My Voodoo
14. Sublime - Get Ready
15. Sublime - Caress Me Down
16. Sublime - What I Got (Reprise)
17. Sublime - Doin' Time

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