Justice - Cross (2007)

The French electro duo Justice, part of Ed Banger's Paris crew of techno punks, started making noise four years ago, moving Converse-clad indie-kid feet with their hit remix of Simian's "Never Be Alone." They don't bother with intricate touches that would get lost in compression - they go straight for the jugular, which makes them declasse for dance aesthetes but gives them plenty of bonehead sonic punch. "D.A.N.C.E." has a children's choir chanting the title, over Chic bass and harshly hissing strings. "Genesis," "DVNO" and "Waters of Nazareth" deliver thrills a la classic Eurotrash like Army of Lovers or Sheila and B. Devotion. With loads of melodrama and not a moment of subtlety, Justice define the new-jacques swing.

01. Genesis 03:55
02. Let There Be Light 04:56
03. D.A.N.C.E 04:02
04. New Jack 03:37
05. Phantom 04:22
06. Phantom Pt. II 03:21
07. Valentine 02:56
08. The Party 04:03
09. Dvno 03:56
10. Stress 04:59
11. Waters Of Nazareth 04:25
12. One Minute To Midnight 03:41