Jahtari - Hot Jahtari Riddims Mixtape

Jahtari is a Netlabel, founded in 2004 by Jan Gleichmar aka "Disrupt". Unlike most netlabels, it focuses on the dub and reggae music genres, with an electronic music approach which it calls "digital laptop reggae", using Commodore 64 or 8-bits sounding softwares to produce the beats. The whole Jahtari catalogue is available for online listening and downloading on their site...impressive openness.

By 2006, Jahtari had started to offer a release on CD in addition to the free downloads, and later produced vinyl releases too. As of 2008, it had signed more than 20 artists, among them Soom T, Pupajim, Bo Marley,or Mungo's Hifi. 

Check out their sound with the cool player below!
Compilation courtesy of http://phlow-magazine.com/