Kid Koala DJ Set @ Kset (Bootleg 2005)

The live you will download below is a never released bootleg from Kid Koala's first visit to Zagreb, Croatia, in a small student union for croatian nerds (KSET).
The mix features excellent Kid Koala Dj skills, mixing various tunes including Bjork, White Stripes, A Tribe Called Quest, Cure, Slayer, his own drunk trumpet solo scratches, Deltron 3030, and some weird random tunes. Great mix. The playlist is really cool, but I didnt have energy nor knowledge to write the whole thing down. The mix is already 5 years old but hey, good music never dies! The quality of the sound is decent too.
Give it a hear on the Soundcloud player below, and if you like it, go for the whole mix with the Rapidshare Download. Enjoy my second personal upload and real contribution to the music scene on the net. Hope you like my artwork too :)
Check out Kid Koala's Website, and buy his stuff!