Zion Train - Live As One (2007)

Zion Train - Live As One (2007) - Review

Live As One will both reassure and surprise Zion Train fans. The Zion Train ethos and depth in quality remains, yet the sound has expanded and is truly a world wide dub production. Musicians contributing include the usual deep blowing brass section, Dave Fullwood and Bigga alongside, P Lush of Nucleus roots fame on guitar, keyboards from Paolo Polcari of Almamegretta, drums from Vedran of the Radikal Dub Kolektiv and melodicas from Chasbo of the Bush Chemists. It also features musicians from Italy, Germany, Croatia, Jamaica and the UK. 'Live As One' was awarded a Reggae Grammy for ‘best dub album’ in Kingston 2008 and the ‘The Worlds Premier Dub Act’ now return with the ‘Remixed’ version.

Zion Train - Live As One (2007) - Tracklist

1) Boxes and Amps feat Dubdadda
2) Audrey and June
3) Life That I Choose feat YT
4) What A Situation
feat Raiz and Tippa Irie
5) Moha (perch/fullwood)
6) Tribute To Keng Keng
7) Forward ever feat Lua
8) Edelweiss Piraten
9) Give Me Good Sensi feat Earl 16
10) Terror Talk feat Dubdadda
11) Animus Mundi
12) Live As One feat Lua
13) Why feat Marlene Johnson
14) Hibakusha song
15) Baby Father feat YT
16) Bloodlines feat Dubdadda

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