The Young Lovers-The Young Lovers (2009)

Another surprise in the form of a Hervé side project: ‘The Young Lovers’. For a white English man (with a Beatles haircut) who makes mix CDs with titles like Ghetto Bass, Joshua ‘Hervé’ Harvey certainly knows how to confound expectations. With a strong jazz influence joining the dots between the dangling beats and smoky atmospherics, this more reflective side project shows a far more interesting side to the sonic trickery the young producer has used to such effect on tracks such as "Bleeper". In fact, there is just the barest hint of fidgety sounds to be found, and even then they work in the subtlest of ways: underpinning swinging beats and scratchy percussion. Of all Hervé has done careerwise, it is this which will stand the test of time and quite rightly too.

The Young Lovers - Tracklist

01. you make me dizzy 04:14
02. how lonely does it get_ 03:42
03. booty bella 04:21
04. low down groove 04:30
05. free 03:45
06. she's a phoenix 05:58
07. love you madly 05:07
08. last goodbye 02:19
09. midnight to morning 03:21
10. shake off the ghosts 04:30
11. you got the down south 04:12
12. this is what it's all about 04:20
(feat trevor loveys)

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